There’s an important social issue today that hits very close to home for me; a group of people in this country suffering ridicule and discrimination; a minority who’s right to marry the person they love is being stripped away by closed minded politicians. I’m talking about the in-bred rednecks of Spring Hill, FL. but you folks, probably care more about gay marriage so we can discuss that. Gay marriage is the biggest civil rights issue of our generation. It’s been compared to desegregation, women’s suffrage, and handicap parking for the morbidly obese. Chik-Fil-A recenty became a battleground for this issue but it seems like there aren’t many people talking about it anymore. BY applause, does anybody still care? It’s a shame. This could have been our Montgomery bus company moment if only our generation had an attention span longer than a guppy. Everybody had a side. People for gay marriage boycotted; people against gay marriage were catering their RNC parties with waffle fries. People who just like cows didn’t care one way or another. “I just love the billboards.”  Then you have the people crying about their right to free speech. If you were on this side, I don’t think you know how free speech works. The 1st amendment gives you the right to speak your mind without fear of Government repercussions. That’s how we keep our Government in check. It does not protect you from social repercussions. That’s how we keep assholes in check. And it’s more than that. If it was just the CEO talking about hating gays we would have called him an asshole and went on with our lives. Over the past decade Chik-Fil-A as a company has donated $10 million to anti-gay hate groups and they have every right to do that with their money. I wouldn’t deny the same rights to the KKK or the Woodsboro Baptist Church, but that doesn’t mean I’m buying cookies at their bake sale. They’re assholes. Chik-Fil-A can do what they want with their money, but they’re not going to use mine to promote hate. I’m going to continue to boycott chik-fil-a even if I’m the only person in the world who still cares, because I am going to be the change that I want to see in the world. At least until Mcdonald’s discontinues its Southern Style Chicken sandwich. I’m willing to accept a substitution for gay rights, but I’m not going out. I’m only human.

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