I saw a story in the news a while back about an Iranian national who accidentally detonated a bomb in a Bangkok hotel. He survives the explosion and runs into the street to catch a taxi to the hospital, but the taxi driver won’t let him in the cab. In anger he throws a grenade into the cab as it drives away, but forgets to pull the pin. The driver is fine. So he’s standing there in front of the hotel as the police begin to arrive. He throws another grenade at the police. It bounces off a tree, rolls directly back to him and blows off his own legs. I swear, I am not making this up 100% true story.

The first thing that enters my mind while reading this story is, “what the hell kind of political target was he trying to blow up in Bangkok?”  If he had succeeded, I can see the news story now.  An explosion rocked the city of Bangkok this morning killing 5 under age prostitutes and Newt Gingrich.  The Gingrich campaign released a statement about the tragedy blaming the Obama tax policy for forcing prostitution jobs offshore. Despite his untimely death, they still believe he can win in November and the campaign will go on.

And why was he having such a hard time catching a cab? He’s an Arab, not a black kid in a hoody. If he had been trying to blow up a real city like New York, he and the cab driver probably have matching turbins.

Israel of course is jumping at the fact that the guy is from Iran. They think it’s linked to some global Iranian terrorist plot because apparently Wiley Coyote is now in charge of their training camps. If this guy were any less competant as a terrorist, he’d have Jeff Dunham’s hand up his ass. He’s clearly just another pissed off Arab filing a complaint for the bad hand job he got at the SOI Cowboy.

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